Homeowners give kitchen counters a covet-worthy facelift using just a coat of paint

Countertop fashions come and go, but since they're built to last, you may find yourself stuck with countertops that don't match the rest of your home's decor -- at all.
These do-it-yourselfers chose unconventional DIY methods to update their countertops, often saving themselves hundreds of dollars in the process.
1. Countertop transformation
While renovating the kitchen of their 1800s farmhouse, Hayden Scharrer decided to paint over the laminate on the countertops. She ordered a kit that included primer, three colors of paint, topcoat and tools.
One kit was enough to paint all of the countertops in the kitchen, including the island -- the look of natural stone for less than $80! See more at Two Paws Creations.
2. DIY butcher countertops
Brian and Kaylor Little decided that butcher block countertops of warm maple would be the perfect complement to the decor of their home. Their tutorial explains exactly how they did it themselves, from choosing cuts of wood to staining and sealing.
3. DIY concrete countertop over existing laminate
If concrete is more your style, there are kits available in a variety of colors -- simply prepare the existing counters then apply several thin layers of concrete and sealant.
"This system takes a good amount of elbow grease," says Bethany of Whistle & Ivy, adding that "it's pretty fail-proof. In the end, you will have beautiful countertops without having to fork over a fortune to get them."
4. Countertop "revival" for renters
Contact paper was the covering of choice for Megan Poletti, blogger at Rental Revival. She used clear caulking around the edges and Mod Podge to seal it, emphasizing that this counter is not used for food prep. "The contact paper itself is very durable, so you might be able to get away with [not] using any kind of sealer on top!" Poletti writes.
A DIY approach to updating countertops can be as complex as cutting, placing and sealing your own wood; as simple as covering with contact paper; or, by using a kit, somewhere in between. No matter the complexity of the project, however, each method resulted in an updated look that the DIYer loved.
What is your favorite material for countertops? How would you update a countertop by doing the work yourself? Please SHARE these ideas, then tell us in the comments below!

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