Girls start with 2 shipping pallets and make a luxurious accessory for the yard

If you are searching for the perfect DIY outdoor swing, this idea brought to you by TheSorryGirls could be the answer you've been waiting on. Not only can this project be completed in an afternoon, but the costs are minimal because you can use pallet boards. Let's check it out!
Start by finding two sturdy pallet boards. While they don't have to look pretty, they shouldn't be split or rotting. Cut one pallet in half for the back of the swing and keep the other pallet as is for the seat. From there, give the boards a quick sand to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. Wipe the boards down to remove all dust. Now, you're ready for the fun part.
Choose a paint color that you love. The video suggests using a roller for the larger sections and doing touch-ups with a brush. Make sure to use two coats of paint to totally cover and protect the wood. Expect this part to take some time because there are so many sides to a pallet board.
Line up the half and full pallet and secure with screws. The video suggests securing the boards through the solid backing of the larger board. This should hold the swing in place, but the video offers additional tips for securing the piece even more.
Choose rope that will withstand the outdoors. Drill two holes into the top of the swing and two holes in the bottom of the swing to fish the rope through. The video indicates that you should use a lighter to burn the rope so that it doesn't fray. Make sure the knots are tight. Finally, you are ready to hang the swing outside. Choose a tree that will support the weight of the pallets and take care to make sure the knots will stay in place.
Include a few special touches such as an oversize cushion, pillows, and blankets to make the swing especially inviting and comfortable. You will be enjoying a relaxing evening on your very own swing in no time!
Looking for even more inspiration? 99 Pallets offers a few more suggestions. Among the ideas includes a basic one pallet swing which doesn't have any sort of backing. However, you could use a toddler mattress as the cushion, and you could get creative by covering the mattress in fun sheets!
You could even create a mini chair by cutting down a pallet board making the perfect child-size swing. Or, if you aren't a fan of cushions or pads, leave them out and go for a totally simple design that just includes pallet boards some chain or rope.
Check out the video for a total breakdown of the steps for this pallet swing. Share the inspiration with your friends!
Resources TheSorryGirls and 99 Pallets