How to make a DIY wire wastebasket out of an old lampshade

Got an old lampshade that you don't quite know what to do with? Well, you could toss it, donate it, or transform it into a useful new item for your home. That's precisely what blogger Carrie from Lovely, Etc. did when she upcycled her old lampshade into a wastebasket using just a bit of chicken wire. The result? A surprisingly chic bin gives her domestic space a sleek DIY touch.
"I’ve got a thing for metal baskets," the lifestyle blogger writes on her page. " I can’t explain it, I just love them. They add the perfect hint of industrial style and you can pretty much never have too many baskets. She noted that inspiration struck when she found an old metal lampshade simply begging for transformation into a new purpose.
Most people can locate materials for the project easily in their own garage or a local hardware store. You'll need: the metal lampshade frame you want to reuse, chicken wire, flexible wire uncoated wire, wire cutters and needle nose pliers
The simple process begins by wrapping the chicken wire around the basket and attaching it to the top of the frame with metal wiring. The process of adhering the wire is then duplicated on one of the vertical lampshade supports. 
Finally, the bottom is formed by folding in the children wire and securing, before trimming off excess wire. Complete instructions can be found at Lovely Etc.
Your basket is now ready for its new role in your home, whether it's as a wastebasket, storage or simply to hold decorative items in any rustic or French Country styled room.
Chicken wire crafts are popular throughout DIY sites, with the creation of items, such as note boards, decorative jars and furniture detailing. What we love most about this kind of aesthetic? It's minimalist and modern (not to mention super affordable!)
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